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Chemo Hair Extensions

Chelsea’s Story

Chemo Hair Extensions

Hi. My name is Chelsea McKita. When I was only 12 years old, I was a happy healthy 6th grader. I was on the cheerleading squad, I loved to play pickup games of basketball with my dad, and I rode my bike or walked EVERYWHERE. I was sad to leave my friends behind, but I couldn’t wait to start public junior high in 7th grade. I made it through the year, making a few close friends, I auditioned for the Spring musical, and I tried out for the 8th-grade cheer squad. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it, but I couldn’t understand why because I loved cheerleading so much, and I thought I was pretty good at it.

Towards the end of the year, in May of 2007, I had an appointment with my PCP, just for a checkup, but I also spoke to him about some pretty bad headaches that I had been getting, causing me to take medicine and nap very frequently. To be honest, my parents and I just assumed the headaches were due to puberty, and though the doctor agreed, she sent me to get a CT Scan. One week before the end of my 7th-grade year, I went to a local imaging center to get the scan. It revealed that I had a golf ball sized tumor in the back of my brain, and when I was taken to the ER at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, the nurses and doctors decided that it had to be surgically removed.

Chelsea’s Story

The tumor was biopsied, and about a week later, I found out that it was cancerous. I endured 6 weeks of radiation treatments, and then 6 rounds of chemotherapy. After that came speech, physical, and occupational therapy. Finally, after all of that, I was free to go back to school and live my life as normally as possible. I started working part time jobs here and there, I went to school, and I was able to hang out with friends almost every weekend. I even graduated high school with honors in 2012! That same year, I started college at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, that only lasted a few years, as I was diagnosed with a recurrence in 2014. This time, it was about a week before I started my Junior year, so school stopped for me for 2 years. (honestly, it was a kind of welcome break) I am back at IUP now, planning to graduate in December, and as of right now, I am happy and healthy once again.*

Summer Vacation

In June of 2007, only one week until the start of my summer vacation, doctors found a golf ball sized tumor in the back of my brain. I was taken to the ER, and the doctors there said that, whether or not the tumor was cancerous, it needed to be taken out- I was having brain surgery. The surgery left me practically like a newborn- I couldn’t do anything for myself- I couldn’t talk, walk- I couldn’t even pour a glass of milk. Therefore, after I left the hospital, I had to endure speech, physical, and occupational therapy every day. In the years following, everything seemed to get better. I gained my strength

Chemo Hair Extensions has evolved over the years for Extend USA. As a company, we are always pushing the extension bar. For a long time, we never went above the Temple area. Next, we experimented with making bangs fuller and longer. Once we realized that was possible, we moved on to the top of our clients head. We would inform stylist that we had trained as we kept learning new ways to extend hair. One inch hair was the next challenge, patience and small bonds were needed. Extend USA is the only system that you could put in one hair at a time if you wanted. Now we offer training in thinning hair and Chemo Hair Extensions. 

Extend USA uses a naturally derived Resin to attach. Their hair extensions. No glue, pre-bonded hair, or Fusion systems are acceptable. WE are the only company that uses a natural product to attach our hair. Our hair is the best hair, European not Indian Remy or Asian hair. European hair has a finer cuticle layer and natural colors other than Black. Golden Blonde hair is made from lever seven hair to start with not level two like Indian or Asian hair. A company run by working hair dressers that personally test and use all of their Imported hair.

Chemo Hair Extensions
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Chemo Hair Extensions
Extend USA Hair Extensions is the first company to create a safe system for clients after Chemo Therapy. We have been in business since 1999, and are always creating new techniques.
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Extend USA
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